2022 Poster Contest

In addition to the numerous scholarships offered, NFBPA FORUM also offers the annual Research Poster Competition. The competition recognizes research conducted by the students at all undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate levels. All students are encouraged to submit to this competition. In order to be eligible for the poster contest, all applicants must be currently enrolled in a traditional four-year college or university with at least one academic semester remaining after May 2021.

All payments will be made to the university. Submissions should be closely related to the following topic: What does it actually mean to approach community empowerment from an asset-based, rather than deficit perspective?  For too long, under-resourced communities have been defined by what they lack rather than the inherent capacities they possess.  We use this poster session to showcase theory and practice associated with the resilience and less-obvious strengths that communities of color possess.

Abstract Submission: The deadline to submit a poster abstract is May 15, 2021. In less than 250 words, poster abstracts should summarize the following:
  1. The research question/problem statement;
  2. The theory and hypothesis;
  3. The research methods;
  4. The findings, and
  5. The research implications.
Submissions should be limited to research conducted during your time as a student. Research that incorporates the effort of a professor or a professional researcher (e.g. think tanks) is prohibited. You may only submit one poster abstract in which you are the lead/presenter. If your name will be affiliated with multiple abstract submissions, you can only select one project that you will serve as lead presenter. Please note that NFBPA will award students one scholarship during the conference. 

Do you know a student who may be interested in this exciting opportunity? Don’t let them miss out on submitting their research to our board of reviewers! They could be a future public administration leader in your department or municipality. All they need is an opportunity to get started!